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Anomaly 2016/Jessica Walsh

Back on the 19th of Feb, the next lot of BBCD students graduatedand as part of their graduate exhibition they had the extremely talented Jessica Walsh speak a bit about her work and processes which was interesting. It's pretty cool to see not only someone my own age making big splashes, but it's cool to see a women doing it. Design is really not a boys club anymore.

I managed to pick up Jessica and Timothy Goodman's book about their 40 Days of Dating experiment and got a personalised cover.


On the following morning there 'Make your own rules' workshop run by Jessica which was a great experience and was great. Continuing on the theme from her keynote, understanding the importance of creating boundaries pushes you to think about how to make the best thing you can with limited everything.

Working with people I'd never met, in a short time frame, a single material (we used party poppers) we were to create an interesting piece of typography with a phrase of our own.  Guided by the party poppers, ours was 'la petite mort' which we had decided would be an excellent juxtaposition to the build up of party poppers, and the let down, and cleaning up the mess... (ahem).

By putting those rules in place, you aren't stifling the creative process at all. It actually honed the process. Working quickly also stopped doubt in an idea too, which can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. And it was just plain fun.


If you're anything like me, this is what your dates looked like for most of January...

If you're anything like me, this is what your dates looked like for most of January...

Time really flies when you're busy!

So between my last update (and yes I'm aware of how slack I've been) I've had a couple of excellent clients and my bag has been put into production.

I'm working on a post about the work that I did for the very cool people over at SecondBite (and my first foray into volunteer graphic design) so you'll have that to look forward to over the next month.

I'll also be doing some webpage house keeping. I've been rocking this look for the last few years and I think a bit of a freshen up wouldn't go astray.

For the time being, you can have a learn about the work I've done for Massage for Better Health here.

Some other things that have happened since my last update is that my design from the #mimcodesignproject has gone from a sketch to a real life living handbag!!

From this...

From this... THIS! THIS!

It's available now for purchase here, but if you're not interested in the bag itself, perhaps you'd like to read my interview with Mimco to learn a bit more about the ideas and influence behind my original design. You'll also get to see a couple of gawky photos of yours truly...

Speaking of rocking looks and needing change, I recently signed onto the World's Greatest Shave and, well, I'm shaving my head! Not only am I doing this to raise much needed funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. You can donate to my goal of $2000 HERE! Just $28 can provide a cancer information pack to help a family prepare for the challenges ahead.

Now as my hair is so damn long, I'm also donating my tresses to the Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program.

So there's lots that has happened, is happening and that will happen soon!

BRING ON 2016!

Tiny Update


Time flies when you're working!

So, just thought I'd post a tiny update. Halloween is almost here which means Xmas decorations have been up for a few weeks, too.

I've been a bit lax in updating because I really have been getting my post-uni real life under way.

There are some things in the works, I just wanted to have a bit of a life away from art and design for a short while.

That all being said, keep checking in. There will be some updates to projects and what not over the next couple months. All fun stuff which I've been enjoying doing.

In the meantime, and you've got some time to stuff around with check out Gush ! I came across itdoing some research and is good to have a play with.

Fun is a good thing!