A peak into current projects and other fun things.

2015: A year of being fearless (and of starting a blog!)


So this blog will be documenting my first year of being fearless. I'm going to be talking about projects I'm doing, links I like and I'm sure a myriad of things in between.

This year I decided that I would change how I approach all areas of my life. I don't think I'm alone in saying and knowing how easy it is to be lazy and to put things off or take the easy way out. Not exactly half-arsing it, but definitely not whole arsing it either.

To get myself out of the so-so, and to get myself into a rhythm of being out of uni and back into real life, I decided to be fearless.

By fearless I mean, just trying, just asking. Learning, and reminding myself that just because something doesn't go the way I anticipated or having someone say no doesn't mean it's the end of that direction or opportunity.

This new way of being has already given me a win.

I follow a whole range of people on Youtube, Twitter, that kind of thing. Most for enjoyment. (I do loves me some giggles.) Someone that had been entertaining (and seemed pretty cool to boot) was vlogger Julien Solomita. I found him via a podcast he does with girlfriend, and fellow vlogger Jenna Marbles.

So, I did the thing that people do - Tweet at people knowing they probably won't ever see it. But in this case Julien did! He had been talking about making t-shirts for various catch phrased used on his channel, "Let's Get Caffeinated". I tweeted him a rough sketch, asked if he was interested in collaborating and to my massive surprise he said yes!

So over the course of a week or so we did some back and forth, refining and came up with the design above (available for purchase at Julien's Teespring store.)

Let's Get Caffinated!

This has been super fun and a pretty wonderful grounding and launching pad for a career outside of uni. It's given me a huge amount of confidence in my design and illustration skills, especially digitally as it's something that I wanted to do more of. Also got a mad shout out on the vlog, which is super exciting too!

So just asking, giving it a bash, has worked in my favor! I'm a little less anxious about what the outcome of something might be, 'cause it might be really good and work in my favour (bizzare, right?? /sarcasm).

Here's to being fearless, and having fun with art and design!