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It's finally done!

My very first, multi-month long editing project is done (though I'm assured there may be evolutions in the weeks to come) but as it stands Anomaly is complete!

What is Anomaly? Maybe some background information would be handy. 

I graduated from Billy Blue College of Design late 2014 with the knowledge that our graduate show would be a little different. The preparation for it would seep a little further than the last day of uni.

Back in July I had pitched B(l)oom to my lecturers and class as the answer to what our graduation should be. I happened to win that pitch and over the next few months our class worked on the identity, branding, advertising and the specifics on how to roll this thing out.

Our hi-tech filming operation.

Our hi-tech filming operation.

Not only was I lucky enough to have my idea chosen, but I got to art direct a small shoot for a film that would be released in and for the launch of the graduation. The above video is the result and it is something I am incredibly proud of.  You can see shades of B(l)oom within the final piece, and on top of it all I got to flex my music muscles and create a tune for the video, as well. 

The Anomaly teaser allowed me to really get into and really own and live a design from the beginning to the spectacular end. It allowed me to have a chance in pursuing disciplines that I really enjoy that don't always necessarily marry up with graphic design. I really love film and music and I feel my interests being further drawn in that direction.

What adds to the excitement is that our graduate show launch has a keynote address from Stefan Sagmeister. We get a little workshop with him, too which is incredible for a little design school all the way down here in Melbourne. 

This entry is admittedly a bit of a brag.

I am so excited and so proud of what I, and my fellow graduates, have achieved and am seriously looking forward to the opportunities that will be coming along with it.