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Anomaly & Sagmeister: Event launch and Piffing Yarn

"It's all about the chaos..."


Over the course of the past nine months I, along with my fellow graduates, have been working on our graduate exhibition ANOMALY which was launched on 20th February 2015 in the Fracture Gallery at Federation Square in Melbourne which coincidentally coincided with Whitenight Melbourne 2015.

It's been one of the longest projects I've worked on and I am so pleased and proud of the efforts we've made in getting it off the ground. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience.

We launched ANOMALY in association with Think Education, Billy Blue College of Design and our event partner AGDA. We were also incredibly lucky to have our exhibition opened with a keynote from design legend Stefan Sagmeister, as well as exclusive workshops.

Our amazing lecturers   Beck Storer   and   Sarah Phillips    helping with some final touches.

Our amazing lecturers Beck Storer and Sarah Phillips
 helping with some final touches.

The roll out of the installation of the exhibition started on Thursday the 19th bright and early (7am!) and we bleery eyed began to tackle the mammoth task of making the space of the Fracture Gallery ours.

We slung, piffed, threw, tied and tangled white and pink yarn to represent connection, thought and creativity that us as creatives harness to bring concepts to life. The lines all connect into a screen where the short film that I had discussed in my previous blog was played over the course of Friday evening all the way through Whitenight.

Stefan walked by, just before his press conference, where I managed to wave like an idiot through the glass. I wish I could have taken a picture but I was busy testing the projector for the launch. I would be lucky enough to meet with Stefan later in the green room, at the workshop and at an industry dinner on Saturday evening (which I will discuss in more detail in my next entry!)

Yarn and light detail

Film on a yarn screen

Needing to work on my in front of a camera skills.

Needing to work on my in front of a camera skills.

The lecture delivered by Stefan truly complimented our installation. He spoke about happiness and his own work, as well as alluding the the connectivity required for concepts beyond the usual.

He also managed to compel 400+ designers to sing An Ode to Client sung to Ode to Joy (Karaoke Style), with the idea that sound or music whether you like it or not impacts how you feel and you can feel better by participating in it.

Stefan Sagmeister. Designer and choir leader.

Stefan Sagmeister. Designer and choir leader.

This resonated with me (pun unintended!) as my initial pitch B(l)oom was influenced by cymatics, or sound, and how sound among other things can influence.

Our exhibition officially launched at 4pm that afternoon and so we had several hundred designers view it on Friday afternoon. We were so lucky to be in the position to have so many people from industry come by, and to chat with afterwards.

This is only the beginning of the event though! We still would have a workshop the following morning...