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I want to guest program Rage

The little clip above is something that I'm sure that most nearly Australian under the age of 70 knows all to well and I reckon there's a lot of nostalgia around it, even if you weren't really sure who Iggy Pop was when you first saw this (not until they showed that Countdown bit on some flashback show, anyway).

Daylight savings time has just ended a few weeks back and it reminded me of something I wanted to do when I was a kid. There's something that happens on the night of the change and we get an "extra" hour. It reminded me of when I was younger that if I was going to guest host a Rage, it would be on that night because I get an extra hour worth of programming to fill.

I would make it a weekend ritual to suss out who was guest programming Rage that weekend. I was lucky enough that (I think) I only ever called the rage hotline and patiently listened to what the playlist was, otherwise I'd jump online and make notes of who was playing and the approximate time.

I would get blank VHS tapes every month, and have them queued up and ready to record clips of who I thought was cool. More than that though, waiting, near asleep at 3 or 4 in the morning when a song would start, something that I hadn't anticipated and maybe it wouldn't be the song but the visuals.

My (now miniscule) tape collection. Can't bare to get rid of them.

My (now miniscule) tape collection. Can't bare to get rid of them.

A lot of my personality, illustrative style and taste in music was shaped by these clips. I wanted to be a video director for the longest time. I never had a huge amount of musical talent but I wanted to be a part of making something that would become synonymous with the music that inspired me. The directors' styles that inspired me particularly are Floria Sigismondi and Chris Cunningham.

I guess you can see some of the influence in Anomaly, The Stranger and even in the Voltera retrospective book, but I'd love to head more in that direction in my career.

I am a super dork. But that's fine.

I am a super dork. But that's fine.

The following videos are a very small selection favourites and they are varied musically, thematically, but they're all visually gorgeous and have influenced me in some form or another. I would perhaps suggest waiting until you're at home as with all good things there's adult themes, coarse language, drug use, horror, nudity, sexual references and violence. Enjoy!

p.s. If you're going to watch any of them, watch Rock DJ by Robbie Williams. All the way to the end. You'll love it, promise.