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State of Flux

So I have a bit of exciting news to share!

I flooded my Facebook newsfeed and Instagram and Twitter timelines last week in the hopes of winning the People's Choice Award for the Mimco Design Project in which I submitted a design to re-imagine their iconic button bag, the prize being a gift voucher.

I've had a fair bit of downtime recently, and came across the competition and decided whether or not I would win, it would be a fun project to be a part of.

As voting went on, I soon realised that I probably wouldn't be winning that as there were other designs that had thousands of votes and mine was just hitting 300. I was really happy that everyone took the time to vote for my design in any case.

The second award was the Mimco Choice Award. This was the one I hoping for though I never thought I'd even have a chance at winning this. The prize for this was a gift voucher too, but even more exciting is that they were actually going to put the design into production! Fat chance, I thought. I really liked my design, but as is the way with most competitions it can be crushing if you get your hopes up, and nothing comes of it. So I was really pleased with what I created and if nothing else it got me illustrating something for a few hours.

So (and I'm sure you might be able to pick where this is going) I received a call from Mimco to let me know that I was the winner of the Choice Award! This was especially good news as things have been a little quiet on the design front lately and has really given me back some confidence in my design ability and drive to continue on this path.

It is a slight deviation from graphic design, of course, but that I can create something wanted from a brief and have it be chosen by an amazing company to actually be put into production... I'm still a bit shocked about the whole thing!

So over the next few months, I will be going in to meet with the team who will be creating my bag as there are some details that will be ironed out. But for now, I am very pleased to say my handbag design 'State of Flux' will be created and launched as part of the Mimco 20th anniversary collection in 2016.

State of Flux Bag. Designed by Nikki Flux for the Mimco Design Project for their 20th anniversary in 2016.

State of Flux Bag. Designed by Nikki Flux for the Mimco Design Project for their 20th anniversary in 2016.