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Anomaly 2016/Jessica Walsh

Back on the 19th of Feb, the next lot of BBCD students graduatedand as part of their graduate exhibition they had the extremely talented Jessica Walsh speak a bit about her work and processes which was interesting. It's pretty cool to see not only someone my own age making big splashes, but it's cool to see a women doing it. Design is really not a boys club anymore.

I managed to pick up Jessica and Timothy Goodman's book about their 40 Days of Dating experiment and got a personalised cover.


On the following morning there 'Make your own rules' workshop run by Jessica which was a great experience and was great. Continuing on the theme from her keynote, understanding the importance of creating boundaries pushes you to think about how to make the best thing you can with limited everything.

Working with people I'd never met, in a short time frame, a single material (we used party poppers) we were to create an interesting piece of typography with a phrase of our own.  Guided by the party poppers, ours was 'la petite mort' which we had decided would be an excellent juxtaposition to the build up of party poppers, and the let down, and cleaning up the mess... (ahem).

By putting those rules in place, you aren't stifling the creative process at all. It actually honed the process. Working quickly also stopped doubt in an idea too, which can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. And it was just plain fun.